This week's feature helps kick off the Maryland Film Festival with stories about Lotfy Nathan's 12 O'Clock Boys, Matthew Porterfield's I Used to Be Darker, and Ryan White's Good Ol' Freda, about the Beatles' longtime secretary. We also have shorter reviews of I Am Divine, If We Shout Loud Enough, After Tiller A Teacher, Fill the Void, and Post Tenebras Lux, plus listings for all movies at the festival (including CP recommendations), and a complete schedule.

In City Folk, Rafael Alvarez profiles Sister Hildie and the poor souls she prays for at IND.

In Mobtown Beat, Van Smith continues his unsurpassed reporting on the Black Guerrilla Family scandal, turning to the role that the Correctional Officer Bill of Rights played in the corruption. Smith also returns to the case of the Machine Gun Mama, who was let off easy last year by a judge who owned a second home near her mother's beach house, but has fallen into trouble again with more drug arrests. Ed Ericson reports on the case of Demetrius Smith, who was freed after the Innocence Project prompted a review.

In the Arts, Bret McCabe details the BROS murderously challenging new rock opera, and Geoffrey Himes talks to playwrights Bruce Norris and Kwame Kwei-Armah about the Raisin Cycle at Center Stage. Baynard Woods reviews new books by Janet Malcolm and Michael Heald, and Michael Shank gets poppy with Jenn Wasner and Jon Ehrens of Dungeonesse. In film, Joe MacLeod sees Manwich in Iron Man's hero sandwich and Jenn Ladd shows that Spinal Tap speaks to millennials.

In Eats and Drinks, Elizabeth Lasseter goes in search of the Baltimore Egg Cream, Athena Towery's Cheap Eats has high hopes for bDelight, and Clinton MacSherry's Juice defies the ABCs of white wine with a blanc stare.

In the columns, Mr. Wrong continues to scratch off scratch-offs and Jim Meyer chides Manny Machado for making 20 year-olds everywhere look bad. In a surprisingly positive week, the Baltimore City Power Rankings give Maryland horse Racing, Andres Alonso, the Maryland Film Festival, and JHU a thumbs up, while remaining neutral about Martin O'Malley.