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This swank home of the $48.50, rib-eye steak is utterly "prime."

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar

720 Aliceanna St., (410) 332-1666,

The swank home of the $48.50 prime bone-in, rib-eye steak is also the affordable home of what may be the best $6 burger in town, but only until 7


nightly. Get there early, because seats fill quickly for the "5 for $6 'til 7" special. On the menu are your choices of five cocktails, five wines, and five appetizers-all for $6 (most of the items are normally priced around twice that amount or more)-as is the well-dressed cheeseburger, which comes with skinny curly fries. If booze and wine aren't your cups of tea, that same $6 will get you two beers instead. The whole package is, like everything at Fleming's, including the knowledgeable and efficient wait staff, utterly "prime."