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Baltimore Museum of Art

10 Art Museum Drive,

, (443) 573-1700

We're blessed with a bounty of museums (see Top 5 Museums). The BMA may seem like the obvious choice-there was serious lobbying for AVAM-but we can't always pick the unexpected. With director Doreen Bolger at the helm, the BMA has become such a force in the city's life that we can't overlook it. Not only does the BMA have a spectacular collection, they've been expanding it as they renovated the contemporary wing, creating all sorts of interactive features to get us involved with Matisse, say, in ways we never dreamed of and hosting the premier events in the arts community, like the Baker Awards and Sondheim Prizes. The BMA is not only the best museum, it provides a model of the ways a museum should interact with the city, revitalizing both.

Best Museum


3. Walters

4. Great Blacks in Wax

5. Evergreen Museum