I would like to thank the State of Maryland for finally recognizing the imminent danger that my dog poses!

I would like to thank the State of Maryland for finally recognizing the imminent danger that my dog poses! Why just the other day I overheard him on the phone saying, "Bitch better have my Milk-Bone!" ("Pit Bulls Not Savage," The Mail, May 9; "For Pit Bulls, No More Freebies," Newshole, April 27)

Not only was I truly afraid for my life but in that instant I knew that he was clearly involved in illegal activities that may or may not include snorting bath salts. Lately he has been strutting around in his gang-affiliated purple furry bathrobe and has threatened to "stomp a mudhole" in the guinea pig and "pop a cap" in the cat's ass. I am now positive that he is in fact pimping out our pussy. . . cats.

Legislators, THIS INSANITY HAS GONE ON TOO LONG! Clearly the only answer is to assume that the entire breed is as dangerous to society as my dog is. We cannot take any more chances. You know what they say —"One bad apple spoils the bunch" and I would rather see an entire breed held accountable than to risk an adverse encounter with a few. Strangely enough, this sounds familiar. . . oh, I know where I've heard about this concept of stereotyping an entire genre and then making assumptions about them based on sheer ignorance, it's called racial profiling. Good thing we don't do that here in America. I can't imagine just assuming that every African-American in society is suspect and up to no good, unlike these god awful pit bulls that are pimping out our pussy's and demanding Scooby snacks from unsuspecting owners who fear for their lives. If the Pit Bull population keeps increasing, who knows what will happen to society. What if they band together and unite forces? I fear they may overthrow the government and declare EVERY day a national holiday!! I abhor the thought of Pit Bulls running this country; they are dangerous and must be stopped!

So once again, thank you for creating legislation that protects the very core of my morals so that society no longer has to suffer indignity at the hands of these savage beasts. I agree that there need to be extra laws tailored to the pit bull because obviously the current leash laws and owner responsibility that applies to ALL dogs is NOT enough. It would be absurd to think that when the rottweiler, Doberman or German shepherd was the popular dog of its time that there were just as many incidences of neighborhood poodle rapes, Petco robberies, and pussy cat pimping. I am so proud to be a citizen in a country that is not fueled by ignorance, inequality, and injustice, and for this I thank you good sirs.

JoAnna Green



Safety First

United Cerebral Palsy of Central Maryland was disturbed by the article in this week’s City Paper on the Delrey School (“Unhappy Accident,”

, June 13). We want the public to be aware that we take the safety and well-being of our students very seriously and do everything in our power to minimize accidents. We have an excellent safety record; however, when children are involved in school activities, regardless of the precautions taken, accidents sometimes occur.

Specifically referring to our wheelchair races and field day, a thorough investigation is in process to determine how and why the accident happened, what could have been done to prevent it, and to carefully consider the future of such activities. While we want our students to feel a sense of competition and to have fun at play as non-physically challenged children do, the safety of our children comes first. We have suspended any form of wheelchair races for the foreseeable future until the entire incident is thoroughly reviewed.

Please also know that all incidents at the school are documented and parents are apprised when there are any issues. We are open and transparent and have run our school that way for many, many years. We provide a wonderful, caring, stimulating and challenging environment to our students to help them become successful in life and overcome the challenges of their disability.

Our dedicated teachers and parents deserve our thanks, and we invite your readers to visit us to see for themselves what a very special place the Delrey School is and the important role we play in the community.

Diane Coughlin

President and CEO

UCP of Central Maryland

Hunt Valley