A vial of dried blood taken from Ronald Reagan drew bids over $30,000

A Guernsey, UK-based

auction house put a vial of dried blood taken from Ronald Reagan in a Bethesda, Md. lab after the 1981 assassination attempt up for sale last week and saw bidding top $30,000 as commentators from The



to The

Huffington Post

to The

Wall Street Journal

took notice. Alas, the item was withdrawn on May 24, its owner having reportedly decided to donate it to the Reagan Foundation (and Presidential Library), the curators of which were apparently furious at the pending sale.

Yet there were two other test vials drawn on the day Reagan was shot (along with countless others drawn routinely during his two terms of office), prompting this

City Paper

poll asking, “What would you do with a vial of Reagan’s blood?”

46 percent:

Place it in Cabinet of Wonders next to vial of Lincoln’s Morning Breath

32 percent:

Carry it in Mojo Bag

21 percent:


Flip it in initial public offering

Newt Gingrich:

Clone a perfect one-eighth-scale likeness of the man

Mitt Romney:

Reconstitute and drink to obtain super Reagan powers