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Picnic basket (optional)

It’s not a picnic without Fried Chicken. Okay, it’s a picnic without fried chicken but then people would be saying “where is the fried chicken?” We got ours at Chuckies. We’re not sure how much it cost, but let’s put it this way, at Chuckies you can get 100 pieces of chicken (drums, thighs, and wings, pre-pay only) for $110.00 plus tax.

Chuckie’s Fried Chicken, Hollins Market, 26 S. Arlington Ave. (410) 837-1884

Beer is good for a picnic because even if it’s raining you still have beer. We enjoy the seasonal stuff, so we’re pouring sexy Sea Nymph Summer Ale from Heavy Seas right down our picnic-hole. We found ours at The Wine Source and paid $8.49 for a sixer. OK, two sixers.

The Wine source, 3601 Elm Ave., (410) 467-7777, the-wine-source.com, and wherever fine beers are sold, hsbeer.com

Wine is a classy thing to have at your picnic, and this Black Ankle Syrah ($25.99) shows you are a person of distinction even though you might have a li’l bit of fried chicken grease on your blouse.

Spirits of Mt. Vernon, 900 N. Charles St., (410) 727-7270 spiritsofmt vernon.com

We got this hunk of Black Pepper Smoked Salmon ($25/lb., cut to order) from the Neopol Smokery stand at the Waverly Farmers Market. This smoked salmon is great for people who stopped eating meat and only eat fish because it is so crazy good it will remind them of meat.

Neopol Smokery, various locations including Belvedere Square Market, 529 East Belvedere Ave., 32nd st. Farmers Market, E. 32nd and Barclay Sts., (410) 433-7700, neopolsmokery.com

Go pick some nice Strawberries, the first crop of the season at Larriland Farm (market prices) and then go on a picnic and it will be like you went on two picnics.

Larriland Farm, 2415 Woodbine RD., Woodbine, MD (410) 442-2605 Larriland Farms, pickyourown.com

Mallow Munchies ($6.50/2 because we never buy just one) are like Rice Krispies treats only a million times better because they have popcorn and nut and caramel versions.

Various locations including the Mallow Bar, 8767 Philadelphia RD., (443) 231-7399, themallowbar.com

You should always have a big Baguette sticking out of your picnic basket, and this one we got from Uptown Bakers ($5) at the Farmers market is big and multi-grain healthy. If you have a bottle of wine and a baguette, you are automatically on a picnic.

Uptown Bakers, Baltimore Farmers Market, Holliday and Saratoga Sts., facebook.com/BmoreFarmersMarket, uptownbakers.com

Nobody ever eats the crudités we bring, so a pint of these kickass B’more Dills Horseradish Jewish pickles ($5/pint) we got at the Waverly Farmers Market counts as your picnic vegetable.

facebook.com/people/ Bmore-Dills/100002218897493

This is the “Bloody Mary” flavor of The Wild Pea’s Hummous, ($5) and it is zingy and spicy and you should schmear some on that bread we told you to bring.

Available at the Farmers Markets and lots of other places, 1605 Sulgrave Ave., (855) 945-3732, the wildpea.com

These dense, yummy little Fruit Tarts ($5) should be thought of as personal picnic pies.

Bonaparte Breads, 903 S. Ann St., (410) 342-4000

Ostrowski’s Smoked Gypsy Sausage ($5.99/lb.) is way better than meat-on-a-stick because it is a stick made out of meat. Bring mustard.

Ostrowski’s Famous Polish Sausage, 524 S. Washington st., 410-327-8935

This South Mountain Creamery Havarti Dill ($4.75) we got at the Farmers Market goes really well with our mouth.

Various locations plus visit the farm at 8305 Bolivar Rd., Middletown, MD, (301) 371-8565, southmountaincreamery.com

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