Chiyo Sushi, The Haute Dog Carte, Petit Louis Bistro, and more


415 W. Cold Spring Lane, (410) 235-3433,

$$, L, D

There’s been an upscale revamping and the pizzas have been gussied up. The immense burgers, though, are still here.

Banksy’s Café

Lake Falls Village, 6080 Falls Road, (410) 377-4444,

$, B, L, D, P, Out

This bright, bustling storefront seems to do a healthy lunch trade from local offices, and it’s easy to see why: a solid sampling of soups, salads, and sandwiches, all executed a cut above the usual noontime fare. Dinner is takeout only,

Bonjour French Bakery/Café

6070 Falls Road, (410) 372-0238,

$ B, L, d, P, Out,

Can’t miss this purple-painted house beside Falls Road, nor would you want to miss the selection of artful sweet and savory stuff turned out of its ovens.

Chiyo Sushi

1619 Sulgrave Ave., (410) 466-1000,

$$$, L, D, P

A revamped space makes the most of good sushi and sweet and attentive service.

Crépe du Jour

1609 Sulgrave Ave., (410) 542-9000,

$$, L, D, Br, r, Out

This charming créperie offers a hearty dinner menu, but we stick to its lunch. The dessert crépes are tasty, but the savory crépes—featuring nicely balanced assortments of strong flavors such as bleu cheese with walnuts—are divine.

Curb Shoppe Bar and Grill

5736 Falls Road, (410) 433-8299,

$, L, D, P

This neighborhood pub serves juicy hamburgers, various apps, cold and hot sandwiches and subs, hot platters of meat served with fries, wings, chili, and salads.

The Desert Café

1605 Sulgrave Ave., (410) 367-5808,

$$, L, D, BYOB, Out

This charming little Middle Eastern restaurant features friendly service and affordable food with an intimate atmosphere. Good appetizers—hummus, baba ghanouj, dolmades, falafel—and soups and salads.

Ethel and Ramone’s

1615 Sulgrave Ave., (410) 664-2971,

$$$, L, D, Out

A charismatic chef and hard-working crew turn out honest Creole and Cajun food. Avoid the dining room and go for the porch, sidewalk, or curvy counter that looks into the kitchen.

The Haute Dog Carte

6070 Falls, Road, (410) 608-3500,

$, L, D, Out

Not a carte—or even cart—per se, but the garage of the Bonjour Bakery transformed into a roadside stand, HDC serves up a limited but frequently changing menu of killer gourmet dogs.

Loco Hombre

413 W. Cold Spring Lane, (410) 889-2233

$$, L, D, P

This neighborhood mainstay has been refurbished and rethought, with a more upscale (and expensive) take on its usual pan-Latin cuisine.

Miss Shirley’s Café

513 W. Cold Spring Lane, (410) 889-5272,

$$, B, L, P, Out

Terrific service and a voluminous menu make Miss Shirley’s Café the best new spot around to grab breakfast. Eggs abound—poached, in omelets, on sandwiches—but don’t miss gourmet takes on homey specialties like benne seed chicken ‘n’ waffles or mascarpone grits.

Petit Louis Bistro

4800 Roland Ave., (410) 366-9393,

$$$, L, D, Br, R, P

An elegant café setting, with expertly executed classic French fare . Don’t miss the trés authentic steak frites or the unctuous duck confit.

S’ghetti Eddie’s

410 W. Cold Spring Lane, (410) 235-5999,

$$, L, D , BYOB, P

Almost every Baltimore neighborhood has a joint that delivers pizza and other Italian staples and deli faves. Roland Park being Roland Park, its version offers relatively gourmet renditions and a pleasant eat-in experience.