Baltimore is, as they say, a city of neighborhoods. So our dining guide is organized by neighborhoods that have a lot of dining in them. Bon appetit.

People quip about the inevitability of death and taxes, but really, shouldn’t eating and drinking be in there somewhere? After all, if you don’t eat or drink, you’ll die most ricky-tick. Maybe that’s where the death part comes in. Of course, we realize that house-made charcuterie, say, or mac ‘n’ cheese served in a waffle cone with bacon, might be overkill, purely on the basis of satisfying the old hierarchy of needs/caloric intake/FDA required daily nutrition. Still, it’s not only something most of us love to do, it’s something we all



do. And we at

City Paper

are here to help. Thus we present our annual subjective guide to eating in Baltimore, from high-end to lowdown, from one end of town to the other (and a few areas beyond). Eat up.

EAT 2012 was compiled from prior

City Paper

coverage with additional material by Lee Gardner. Editorial support was provided by Rosa Acheson, Maria Dontas, Kayla Gunn, Andy Holter, Rachel Horner, Rachael Pacella, and Vicky Plestis under the direction of Laura Dattaro. Cover photograph by Rarah with a tip of the chef's toque to Baltimore Funnyman Jim Meyer.


$ = Inexpensive; “entrées” barely crack $10.
$$ = Entrées in the $10-$20 range, other than a few specials or the crab cakes.
$$$ Entrées $20 and up.

B = Breakfast.
L = Lunch.
D = Dinner.

BR = Brunch on weekends.
BYOB = The restaurant has no liquor license but allows you to bring your own booze. You may have heard of this.
P = On-site parking, i.e. a dedicated lot or garage.
Out = Outdoor dining in season. Note: It could be a lovely deck, but it may be just a couple of tables on the sidewalk.
10 p.m. = Serves food after 10 p.m. Many local restaurants will serve until 11 p.m. on weekends, but spots bearing this icon go further somehow.
R = Reservations are suggested, particularly for weekend dining.
DV = Delivery to a limited area, though many restaurants that don’t do phone-order delivery use web-based services such as