Out of Reach provided me with a greater perspective. I didn't realize what was behind the BGF

Good Article

Good article (“Out of Reach,”

, Feb. 15). It provided me with a greater perspective. I didn’t realize what was behind the [Black Guerrilla Family] gang, and now I know a whole lot more thanks to you. Grateful!

John B. Carter



The article by Van Smith brings to mind the late Marcus Garvey, who was the founder of black nationalism. I believe that Thomas Bailey knew that if everyone had the same thoughts, people would communicate better and form a tighter community. Black failure to unite exemplifies a tragedy that is the real reason why black America has never been able to compete with white America. Black America has the highest unemployment rate in the country. They have MAs, BAs, and Ph.Ds. They have a market as a race of people that is almost worth a trillion dollars annually. Just about every other race of people exploits that market except the people who own it. They won't come together to create their own employment opportunities.

Leo A. Williams


Great Job?

Regarding Ericson’s “Not Cable Ready” story (

, Feb. 15), I find the quote given by Community Media of Baltimore City President LaNette Davis more than a little bizarre: “We’re doing, I feel, a great job.”

Davis’ disillusionment might be the problem. She’s been a member of the board since its inception in 2007.

This is a board that has failed in every category a board can fail.

This is a board that at best has only managed to schedule a few social events for “producers” each year. Davis’ excuses for this monstrous failure run the gamut. When informed the board’s minutes haven’t been updated on the web site in four years, she blames the contractor paid to PDF the minutes—in other words, the contractor hasn’t been doing her job for four years and Davis hasn’t noticed.

When asked why the CMBC offices are never open to the public, she replies that since operating expenses are only $40,000, CMBC can’t afford to open its offices. Apparently the idea of asking for an increase in operating expenses is an idea that never occurred to Davis. And it’s not like the money isn’t there. CMBC receives $250,000 in funding, $950,000 of it banked because Davis and company don’t know how to spend it. So what do we end up with? A public access facility that’s never opened. “We’re doing, I feel, a great job.”

Here’s another example: For the past few months, Davis has been advertising a  training class this February, but when we go to the site as late as Feb. 16, we see no date for this class but instead an advertisement for someone to teach the class. Gee, why didn’t they think of that a few months ago when they began advertising there would be a class in February? That’s right, after five years in operation—of a nonprofit in place to teach the public—the CMBC still doesn’t have anyone to teach the public. “We’re doing, I feel, a great job.”

I could go on all day about how miserably this board has failed its mission, but what’s the point?

If the mayor and City Council don’t have a clue about this massive failure that’s been going on right under their noses, how can there be any hope for change?

Ric Landers


The writer is a source in the article.