Murders in 2011: 196; Murders this Week: 1; Murders this Year: 0

With only one murder this week,

2011 ended with the lowest number of homicides in Baltimore City since 1977: 196. This is only the third time since 1970, the earliest date for which data is available, that Baltimore has had fewer than 200 murders in a year. As recently as 2007, the city seemed more likely to go over 300 than under 200. African-Americans continued to make up a disproportionate number of murder victims. African-Americans account for 63.7 percent of the city population and 93 percent of its homicide victims. There were also six Hispanics, five Caucasians, and two Asians murdered in 2011. This represents a steep drop in the number of Caucasian homicide victims from 2010, when 13 were killed. Males made up 180 of the victims; 15 were female, and one was transgender. The vast majority of homicide victims, 149, were shot to death; 32 were stabbed or cut; and 8 died from blunt force trauma, four from asphyxiation, and three from other causes.


The violence continued to be a citywide problem, with murders in 90 different neighborhoods. Belair-Edison was the most murderous neighborhood in the city followed by East Baltimore Midway and then Coldstream Homestead Montebello. The Northeastern police district was home to the most homicides this year followed by the Southwestern and then the Eastern. While homicides decreased in most age demographics, the number of minors murdered rose from 12 in 2010 to 14 in 2011. People under 30 made up 60 percent of 2011 homicide victims, up from 55 percent in 2010. Victims in 2011 ranged in age from 1 to 91.

Police spokesperson Anthony Gugliemi credits the department’s focus on violent offenders with the decreases in homicides. “In 2005, we arrested 108,447 people out of a population of roughly 660,000,” Gugliemi said on Dec. 30. “We were fishing with a giant net back then, arresting everybody for everything, and it didn’t have a real impact on violence. So far this year, we’ve arrested 55,748 people. We’re making significantly fewer arrests and having a significantly greater effect on violence.”

As of Jan. 2, there had been no homicides in Baltimore in 2012. In 2011 there were two on New Year’s Day.

Thursday, Dec. 29

9:58 p.m.

An as yet unidentified man was found inside a residence in the 2800 block of Garrison Avenue near Sinai Hospital shot in the face. The man was on the front porch when two masked men forced him into the house at gunpoint and demanded money. The man struggled with his attackers and was shot and killed. Police are waiting until his family has been notified of his death to release his name.


The man who was shot and killed by police on Oct. 8 has been identified as Mason Hailey, a 54-year-old African-American man. Hailey allegedly shot his wife and exchanged fire with the police before being shot several times. His death, along with those of the four other people who died as a result of police-involved shootings this year, was not included in the 2011 homicide tally.

This column recently received information on a number of closures for 2011 homicides.

On March 19, Ronald Offer was arrested for the murder of Charles Hopson, a 23-year-old African-American man. Hopson was stabbed on March 31, 2010, but died almost a year later.

Anthony McDonald, a 25-year-old African-American man, was arrested on March 20 for the murder of Kevin Lewis, a 45-year-old African-American man. Lewis was fatally shot in the 600 block of North Carrollton Avenue on Jan. 10.

Darrell Mack, a 33-year-old African-American man, was arrested on April 20 for the April 5 double shooting that left Roosevelt Tillman, a 20-year-old African-American man, dead.

Two arrests were made for the April 23 murder of Tevon Allen, a 22-year-old African-American man. Avery Evans, a 23-year-old African-American man, was arrested on April 26 and Calvin Evans, a 24-year-old African-American man, was arrested two days later. Allen was stabbed to death while going out to get breakfast.

On June 14, Rashaw Scott, a 21-year-old African-American man, was arrested for the murder of Gregory Davenport, a 27-year-old African-American man. Davenport was shot to death in the 1000 block of Edmondson Avenue on March 29.


Brandon Mitchell, an 18-year-old Caucasian man, was arrested on July 8 for the murder of Omar Johnson, a 16-year-old African-American male. Johnson was shot during a fight in the 1900 block of Breitwert Avenue on June 29.

Brandon Carter, a 31-year-old African-American man, was arrested on July 15 for the murder of Richard Mills, a 46-year-old African-American man. Mills was found stabbed in the stomach in a pickup truck in the 1700 block of Gorsuch Avenue on July 10.

On July 23, David Hunter, a 24-year-old African-American man, was arrested for the murder of Henry Mills, a 40-year-old African-American man. Mills was shot in the head on June 14 in the 2400 block of Greenmount Avenue.

Larry Holly, a 30-year-old African-American man, was arrested on July 29. Holly has been charged with shooting Ryshawn Cox, a 21-year-old African-American man, to death in the 900 block of North Belnord Avenue on July 26.

Micah Mayne, a 21-year-old African-American man, was arrested on Aug. 14 for the murder of Andre Womack, a 23-year-old African-American man. Womack was shot repeatedly in the 5500 block of Grindon Avenue on June 22.

Ottus Savoy, a 19-year-old African-American man, was arrested on his birthday, Aug. 25, for the murder of Seam Eames, a 24-year-old African-American man. Eames was shot numerous times in the 1600 block of Darley Avenue on Aug. 1.

Two arrests have been made for the murder of Wendell Woodard, a 26-year-old African-American man. Davon Johnson, a 22-year-old African-American man, was arrested on Oct. 7 and Travis Bell, a 19-year-old African-American man, was arrested on Oct. 18. Woodward was shot repeatedly in his home in the 3000 block of Harford Road on Jan. 10.

Darrell Goines, a 41-year-old African-American man, was arrested on Oct. 11 for the murder of Andre Drummond, a 48-year-old African-American man. Drummond’s body was found inside a vacant building in the 500 block of East North Avenue stabbed throughout his body on March 22.

On Nov. 9, Tavon Davis, a 24-year-old African-American man, and Bruce Byrd, a 26-year-old African-American man, were arrested for the murder of Isaiah Callaway, a 19-year-old African-American man. Callaway was shot in the head in a car in the 1700 block of Crystal Avenue on April 11. According to WBAL-TV, Callaway was allegedly killed because he was a potential witness against Davis and Byrd in a federal bank-fraud investigation.

Terrance Sims, a 31-year-old African-American man, was arrested on Nov. 16 for the murder of Ronald Gibbs, a 17-year-old African-American male. The teenager was stabbed to death on March 6 while intervening in an alleged fight between Sims and a woman.

Eugene Bates, a 36-year-old African-American man, was already in Central Booking on Dec. 10 when he was served with a warrant for the murder of Elmore Rembert, a 49-year-old African-American man. Rembert’s body was found in a building that was on fire on April 27.


On Dec. 10, police arrested Thomas Riddle, a 52-year-old African-American man, for the murder of Willie Nelson, a 52-year-old African-American man. Nelson was found dead inside a vacant house in the 2800 block of West Mulberry Street on Aug. 16. He died from blunt-force trauma to the head.

Stanley Brunson, a 35-year-old African-American man, was arrested on Jan. 1 for the Dec. 19 double shooting that left Donte Collins, a 29-year-old African-American man, dead.

Two homicides were closed by exception this year because the suspects in the cases were murdered. Darian Kess, a 27-year-old African-American man, was stabbed in the neck during a robbery on April 27. Police believe Alex Venable, a 26-year-old African-American man, was responsible for Kess’ death. Venable was killed during a triple shooting in the 1900 block of North Collington Avenue on the day after the robbery. Police believe James Wright, a 25-year-old African-American man, was the man who shot Durran Banks, a 25-year-old African-American man, to death on June 3. Wright was shot repeatedly in the 1600 block of West Baltimore Street on June 10. Neither Venable’s nor Wright’s homicide cases have been closed.