Druid Hill Park, City Springs, Coldstream and more.

Summer's almost upon us

and that means cool liquid refreshment. No, not sno-balls (well, that too), we’re talking pool season. Unfortunately, Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s new 2011 budget means a new, staggered pool schedule and a few less splash pools, but there’s still plenty of cool blue to go around. The admission prices are luckily intact: Indoor and recreation center pools are a $1 per visit or $10 for an all-you-can-swim season pass, $1.50 per visit for park pools with a $25 season pass, and tykes under 3 are free at all pools. The water works kick off May 28 at the Patterson and Druid Hill Park pools and the last of ‘em wrap up Sept. 5. For more info, contact (410) 396-3838.

Park Pools

(weekends only May 28-June 18)

Druid Hill Park,

800 Wyman Park Drive.

Patterson Park,

148 S. Linwood Ave.

(June 25-Sept. 5)

Cherry Hill Splash Park,

101 Reedbird Ave.


3500 Poole St.


2013 Sinclair Lane.


148 S. Linwood Ave.


Druid Hill,

800 Wyman Park Drive


1800 Covington Ave.

Walk to Pools

(July 9-Aug. 21)

Ambrose Kennedy,

1000 Ensor St.

C.C. Jackson,

4910 Park Heights Ave.

Central Rosemont,

2621 Winchester St.

City Springs,

1500 E. Baltimore St.


1400 Fillmore St.

Farring Baybrook,

4501 Farring Court

Greater Model,

1055 W. Saratoga St.


1641 N. Spring St.


3901 Maine Ave.

O'Donnell Heights,

1200 Gusryan St.


4100 Towanda Ave.

Walter P. Carter,

820 E. 43rd St.

William McAbee,

1323 N. Gilmore St.

Indoor Pools

(limited schedule June 25-Sept. 5)


2821 Oakley Ave.

Cherry Hill Indoor,

101 Reedbird Ave.

Chick Webb,

621 N. Eden St.

Wading Pools/Splash Pads

(Mondays-Fridays only June 27-Aug. 12)

Traci Atkins,

401 S. Stricker St.