LadróN Que Roba A LadróN

A pair of thieves teams up to rob a television-infomercial personality who peddles worthless crap to Hispanic immigrants in director Joe Menendez’s clever, entertaining 2007 heist flick.


The Mechanic

Con Air

director Simon West helms this actioner about a hit man (Jason Statham), his mentor (Donald Sutherland), and his son (Ben Foster). An update/remake of

Death Wish

director Michael Winner’s 1972 Charles Bronson flick of the same name, which played out a bit like

Death of a Salesman

for assassins.

Opens Jan. 28.

The Rite



The Wolfman

, an aging pussyhound in

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger


, the upcoming


, and now

The Rite

: Anthony Hopkins continues his Jack-Nicholson-of-a-certain-age streak in this tale of a priest learning how to use the power of you know who to compel demons out of the possessed.

Opens Jan. 28.

Out In The Silence

Joe Wilson and Deam Hamer’s 2009 documentary explores homophobia in small-town, rural Pennsylvania.