THe Ambassador Dining Room
THe Ambassador Dining Room (NOAH SCIALOM)


4 W. University Parkway, (443) 449-6200,alizeebaltimore.com

$$$, B, L, D, Br, P

This American bistro describes its bar as trendy, but if you let that dissuade you, you’ll be missing out on the prix-fixe brunch ($22 with main courses like Maryland omelet with crab cake or steak and eggs) or the happy hour specials (Mondays are half-price steaks!).

The Ambassador Dining Room

3811 Canterbury Road, (410) 366-1484,ambassadordining.com

$$$, L, D, P, Out

The Ambassador not only has some of the best Indian food in town—the chef’s specialties are always special, as advertised—but the elegant dining room, tucked into the lobby of a 1930s apartment building, is exquisite.

Carma’s Café

3120 St. Paul St., (410) 243-5200,carmascafe.com

$, B, L, D, Br, BYOB, Out

This Charles Village meeting place just might be the Picasso of the panini: When it’s available, try “The Brewhouse,” which comes with Guinness beer jam, granny smith apples, and cheddar on sourdough.

Charles Village Pub

3107 St. Paul St., (410) 243-1611, charlesvillagepub.net

$, L, D, Br, Out, 10 p.m.

You might not go to CVP (as the kids call it) specifically to eat. But once you start drinking and talking, you don’t really ever want to leave. Then the wings or heaping helpings of nachos or the house-made chilli starts to beckon and soon you are so drunk, full, and satiated that you can hardly wipe the grease off your face. It’s OK, just order another beer.


3101 St. Paul St., (410) 889-3410, donnas.com

$$, B, L, D, Br, Out

The black sign with white lettering bearing Donna’s name acts as a beacon to all the weary masses who want to hunker down with a tasty sandwich (we love her turkey) and a strong cup of coffee.

Gertrude’s at the BMA

Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, (410) 889-3399, gertrudesbaltimore.com

$$$, L, D, Br, P, Out, R

Chef John Shields’ high-quality cuisine is the perfect complement to the BMA’s stunning collection. Start with brunch looking out over the sculpture garden and then spend the rest of the day walking it off as you look at the Matisses and the new Contemporary Wing and its late Warhols.

La Famiglia

105 W. 39th St., (443) 449-5555, lafamigliabaltimore.com

$$$, D, P, Out, 10 p.m., R

If Italian restaurants were cars, this would be a classic Fiat straight out of La Dolce Vita with a few American comforts added. Enjoy the extensive dinner menu or the more limited bar menu, which still boasts impressive items such as the zuppa mista, loaded down with enough seafood to make Captain Ahab feel at home.

Meet 27

127 W. 27th St., (410) 585-8121, meet27.net

$$, D, BYOB

This American bistro has something for everyone; empanadas, vindaloo, chicken satay, and a couple varieties of vegetarian burgers will please the hard to please.


3 E. 33rd St., (410) 366-4115, niwanarestaurant.com

$$, L, D

This Japanese and Korean fare keeps Hopkins’ Homewood campus satisfied. Try the kalbi dolsot (stone pot) dishes.

One World Café

100 W. University Parkway, (410) 235-5777, oneworldcafe.us

$$, B, L, D, Br, Out, 10 p.m.

A haven for Baltimore’s vegetarian—and even vegan—community, One World doesn’t exclude the carnivore. It’s also a perfect meeting spot: Start with coffee; if it goes well, switch to drinks.

Papermoon Diner

227 W. 29th St., (410) 889-4444, papermoondiner24.com

$$, B, L, D, P, 10 p.m.

When people talk about Baltimore’s “funkiness,” they might be talking about Papermoon. You’d never find a place with this kind of wacky decor in Washington, D.C., that’s for sure. And you also wouldn’t find such quality diner fare for such a good price.

Pete’s Grille

3130 Greenmount Ave., (410) 467-7698

$, b, L

This classic lunch counter is just that: all counter, no booths. And during peak hours, you’ll likely be standing along the wall, waiting for a spot to open up. When it does, you’ll be rewarded with some of the best pancakes, omelets, and burgers in town.

Thai Restaurant

3316 Greenmount Ave., (410) 889-6003

$$, L, D, P

Thai Restaurant is something of a hidden gem which most definitely does not cater to tourists. Which is a shame (for the tourists), because it offers some of the city’s best Thai food with intimate service.

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