Baltimore City Paper

Hey Carroll County, you don't want our public transit? We don't want your cars

The Baltimore Sun's editorial board made a nearly perfect response to Carroll County's so-called "Mass Transit Protection Resolution," the bill that "would allow rides on buses or other forms of public transit inside the county but not beyond its borders." The Sun notes that "It would be easy to excoriate such a piece of legislation as thinly veiled racist provocation," given that there are currently no transportation routes from Baltimore City to Carroll County. And again, they're right.

But we'd like to urge the Baltimore City Council to respond. Baltimore City should refuse to allow cars registered in Carroll County to enter the city. Certainly, your cars, with their pollution, lost man-hours due to traffic congestion, and infrastructure costs, harm our city far more than our junkies harm your county.

In his book "Triumph of the City," Harvard economist Edward Glaeser notes that cities have, effectively, been subsidizing suburb dwellers for over half a century now, paying all the costs for the people who live out on their white, bucolic cul-de-sacs and come to work in the city. Glaeser suggests that all urban roads should be toll roads. It would be a great way for the city to raise the money necessary for solid public transit—and the toll booths would be perfect check points for turning away vehicles registered in Carroll County. Or at least for charging the racist pricks triple.