BPM: Top 10 in Club

DJ Juwan, "Club For The Streets Vol. 1" (self-released)

Baltimore club music continued to percolate and permutate both in and outside the actual Baltimore area in 2014. These days, it’s possible that the majority of producers making tracks with a Bmore club formula reside in New Jersey, or even Europe. Still, reports of Baltimore club’s death in its birthplace have been greatly exaggerated. Popular 92Q on-air personality DJ AngelBaby is carrying the torch with her high-profile mixtapes, while a new generation of producers such as DJ Juwan and DJ Dizzy is coming into its own. Blaqstarr, who spent much of the last several years out of town and exploring different sounds, returned to Baltimore and released an EP of some of his most club-friendly work in ages. Schwarz and Abdu Ali, whose respective discographies transcend genre but owe an undeniable debt to Baltimore club, got together to pay tribute to that influence. And no matter what rap hit or internet meme is making the rounds tomorrow, someone will be there to set it to a funky 130 BPM breakbeat and upload it to SoundCloud. 

  1. DJ Juwan, “Club For The Streets Vol. 1” (self-released)
  2. James Nasty, “Calvert St. EP” (T & A Records)
  3. DJ AngelBaby, “Get Pumped Vol. 2” (self-released)
  4. Mighty Mark, “Mighty EP” (Moveltraxx)
  5. Abdu Ali and Schwarz,  “Already” (self-released)
  6. James Nasty and DJ Dizzy, “Bmore Bounce EP” (self-released)
  7. Entourage Musik Group, “The Revolution EP Pt. 1” (Entourage Musik Group)
  8. Blaqstarr, “Trinity EP Vol. 1” (self-released)
  9. Say Wut, “Clarion Bang EP” (Top Billin’)
  10. DJ Pierre, “For The Streetz Part 1” (self-released)