• Last month’s Mixology, the annual weeklong celebration of dance music that takes place at several venues around Baltimore, included a night hosted by Unruly Records at The Get Down on Oct. 21 for the American premiere of the Baltimore club music documentary “Baltimore, Where You At?” Director Tim Moreau, who flew to Maryland from his native France several times over the last few years to shoot the 53-minute film, returned to Charm City for the screening. “I felt like it was the end of a five-year cycle for me,” says Moreau, who has a masters in documentary filmmaking but has previously made films about political and social issues in Europe. “I did this film as a tribute for the pioneers, for the history of this genre. So it was very important for me to come here one last time and show the movie.” The film, which features some great interviews and club footage, as well as Moreau’s observant outsider perspective on the city and the genre, is being screened at a few film festivals in Europe, and will be released for free online in the next few months.
  • Baltimore club music has always thrived on drawing humorous samples from pop culture and, more recently, internet memes. And the best example of late is DJ Dizzy’s ‘P.O.P Hold It Down! (Baltimore Club Remix).’ Local news footage from the 2011 arrest of Texas woman Donna Goudeau recently went viral on Vine and Twitter, and DJ Dizzy looped Goudeau’s catchphrases (Google it) over a danceable Baltimore club beat. Hear the track at soundcloud.com/daishondizzy.
  • Back in August, Boiler Room held a special Baltimore club webcast from New York with sets from Rod Lee, DJ Technics, James Nasty, Mighty Mark & TT The Artist, Scottie B., and a surprise appearance from Debonair Samir. Boiler Room asked me to attend the event and write about it, and my article was recently posted along with the footage of all the sets here.
  • DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 DJs poll was recently released, and as usual Baltimore was not represented. FACT Magazine, however, responded with its own list of “100 underrated DJs who deserve more shine,” which included DJ Technics and Baltimore-based dubstep king Joe Nice.
  • This week, Baltimore’s Schwarz and Abdu Ali return from criss-crossing the country on the Motivational Tour with Kilbourne for two homecoming shows. The first, with all three artists, is at The Bank on Friday, Nov. 7, and the second, with Abdu Ali (along with Lor Scoota, Dark Sister, Bemi Osa, and others), is at The Crown on Saturday, Nov. 8. Schwarz and Abdu Ali collaborated on seven new tracks inspired by Baltimore club music for the “Already EP,” released in October in conjunction with the tour.
  • This Saturday, Nov. 8, Paradox will also hold a party for local high school students with Baltimore club legend Buck Jones hosting and Club Prince DJ Kali and DJ Quan Da Don spinning, and Thomas Dolby performing his first DJ set ever (see "Blinded With Science" for more on Dolby).
  • City Paper contributor Michael A. Gonzales recently published a piece for the online publication Cuepoint entitled “Disco Inferno ’79,” about growing up in Baltimore and losing his “disco virginity” at the legendary local club Odell’s. You can read the article at Medium.