Snacks Is This Awesome

Welcome back to the Really Short List, which only includes stuff I recommend, late-breaking shows, and shows I just plain forgot until today. It's looking like a noise weekend, but make of it what you will. Enjoy and don't get hurt.



, who unfortunately saved pop-punk from both dudes and pandering, like, 10 years too early back in 1997, are the free show of the weekend. Hands down. And, just maybe, a reason to creep into Power Plant Live. 8 p.m.

Local duo

does a fine take on Yellow Swans-style ambient noise--turbulent, repetitive, and frequently abrasive, yet leading to unexpectedly hypnotic results. It performs at the

with the heady, organic compositions of the Deep End Ensemble, the Cutest Puppy in the World (not a cute puppy, sorry), and Avocado Happy Hour (one half of which, Amanda Schmitt, is a

City Paper

intern). 9 p.m. $5.


duo drop its smartified, drawling Southern rhymes at

with locals

, Brownfish, Kev Brown and the Low Budget Crew, and DJ P-Funk; Sonny Brown hosts. 9 p.m. $22.



is having its second Wonderland Festival, with a long, really all-over-the-place, list of locals ranging from weird for weird's sake to solid, original projects. It's a crapshoot and starts with a potluck. Highlights including folk songwriter

, Brooklyn's


, DJ and visual artist Mark Brown, and something called Dazzlestorm!, which could be special. 5 p.m. Price unavailable but figure around $5.

Rowdy and always entertaining, rock 'n' roll showman

plays at the

with the Weight and Danger Man. 10 p.m. Price unavailable.

, interlocking trained jazz with contemporary noise-rock and, even further to the left, aggressive noise, is a local treasure. The duo/sometimes trio

. It performs at the

with Extra Life and Violet Hour. 10 p.m. $7.>

And Kix. At Rams Head Live. 8 p.m. $32.


New York's

, descendant of the late punk outfits Bratmobile and PeeChees, gives a free show at the Talking Head; dudes from Vincent Black Shadow and Ratsize will also be spinning vinyl-only DJ sets. And you just know Adam Savage is gonna drop some Matt and Kim electro-house remixes. 9 p.m.

Shark Night: You don't even have to listen to the music--but, you should--just come donate to the Sea Shepherd Conversation Society because shark fin soup is some cruel bullshit. Lots of bands are playing including Glenmont Popes,


, Hungry Bodies, and Super Demon Forest. 9 p.m. No idea what the base door donation is; figure $10.

Local noise/uncategorizable sound meals don't get much tastier: Snacks (the duo of Tom Boram and Dan Breen), ID M Theft Able, and Abattoir

(5th floor). 8 p.m. $6 suggested donation.

Double Dagger's Denny Bowen, under the

handle, bashes the loving shit out of his drum kit backed by chopped 'n' screwed Phil Collins samples at

, which works way better than you'd think; Thrust Lab, We Read Minds, and Bitclr also perform. 10 p.m. Price unavailable; figure not more than $5.