Beach House gets cute


is kinda sorta


. Booker-in-chief Adam Savage assures us, however, that "Talking Head will never die."

The Live Entertainment Bill

a City Council vote; formerly hysterical DIY folks sleep in.

The ever-prolific MC

is circulating a new single, "Braggin' Rights." Grab it

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The forthcoming Beach House

on Sub Pop,

Teen Dreams

, is coming with a DVD of videos for each song, a la Liars'

Drums Not Dead

. Here's a



The True Vine's CD-R series, comprised of many compilations of unreissued, otherwise ungettable music from around the world ripped from vinyl records, has tripled in size, according to the Hampden shop's most recent e-mail blast. Aural States is

a cut-up of some of the latest material.