92Q's DJ Angelbaby gets pumped again with new club mix album

DJ AngelBaby opens her second Baltimore club mix album with one of her on-air colleagues from 92Q, Pork Chop, hyping up the new disc. "Now last year, we hit you in the head with

Get Pumped


, right?" he hollers. "It was like the biggest club CD ever to hit the planet earth." He's exaggerating, but it's true that

Get Pumped, Vol. 1

was one of the most high profile Baltimore club CDs in years, with a local radio personality and a retail distribution network uniting to blast out the hottest tracks like nothing since the heyday of 92Q alumni like Reggie Reg and the late DJ K-Swift. And

arrived right on time at the top of 2014 to do it again. Once again, DJ AngelBaby enlisted Mighty Mark (

Murder Mark) to executive produce the mix, and he brings in an exciting crowd of producers, including the usual suspects like DJ Tigga and Matic808 as well as rising weirdo

. Some of the tracks have been floating around for a while, while some are fresh out of the studio – DJ 695's remix of "Drunk In Love" must've been cooked up sometime in the 19 days between the release of Beyonce's album and Angelbaby's mixtape. Baltimore club has often taken its cues from the darkest, hardest hip-hop even while speeding it up into something more danceable, and

Get Pumped, Vol. 2

highlights frequently remix street bangers like Meek Mill's "Flexin' On Em" or Future's "Sh!t." But what really makes the mix feel of the moment is tracks like DJ Tim Doll's "Sharkeisha" and DJ Tigga's "Ohh Kill Em In The Club" that loop up audio from two of the past year's biggest viral video sensations. The most unexpectedly poignant sample, though, is that of Baltimore rapper

, who died last year just a few weeks after his "I see you, baby, Angelbaby" DJ drop appeared all over

Get Pumped Vol. 1

– on

Vol. 2

he's paid tribute with more samples on Mighty Mark's "Go T-Mac."