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Big Boyz, King of Pens

Big Boyz Bail Bonds pens have become an inescapable fact of life in Baltimore. The company reportedly has several employees who do nothing but deliver them. The pens have inspired some truly ridiculous

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are even available for those who desire them. Now the marketing genius behind the ubiquitous pink and yellow icons has finally been recognized . . . or at least someone has.

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magazine--"a regional 'growing company' publication"--

Big Boyz CEO Ross Nochumowitz the 2010 Circle of Excellence Award in the field of marketing. An article that accompanies the award says the pens were born in 2002, and Nochumowitz told a

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reporter that they were the brainchild of his mother, Amie Sue Nuchomowitz. But Vincent Magliano, who owned Big Boyz before the Nuchomowitz family took over in 2000, says the pens were his idea. In a recent phone call, Magliano added, however, that he didn't want to be a "jerk" about the award. "I'm the king of marketing," he said. "If they want to take the crown for the pens, that's fine. They can be king of the pens." Magliano, now co-owner of Got Bail? Bail Bond, LLC, has recently begun a massive marketing campaign of his own. Got Bail? is giving away glasses, keychains, pens, and lanyards, Magliano says, and at least 50,000 t-shirts this summer. "If you want to do a story about promotion, give me a call," he said. Magliano is a convicted cocaine dealer, but he does not appear to be the only one with a questionable past. In 2006, the

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about the Nochumowitz family--including, in large part, Amie Sue Nuchomowitz--and their earnings from ground rent. According to the series, the family's companies often sued to take houses from homeowners who were behind in their rent payments.

Image from the Big Boyz web site.