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United Workers' Our Harbor Day May 1

The United Workers, a human rights organization of low-wage workers founded by homeless day laborers in 2002 (see: "Temporary Injustice: Union Tries to Organize Temp Laborers at Camden Yards"), takes its fight to the streets this week for its "Our Harbor Day," series of street plays, neighborhood parades, and protests at the Inner Harbor. From the UW press release:

To participate, people can gather at


at 11


to take part in the parade, while the neighborhood plays start around 3 p.m. and will convene at City Hall (100 N. Holliday St.) at 4:15


The performances are an effort to:

Our Harbor Day isn't UW's first foray into the community art. It was one of the many local social justice grassroots organizations entangled into the

2006 exhibition

, and its multifaceted campaign efforts have been covered by the

. For more information visit the "get involved" section at the United Workers'