Baltimore City Paper

Who do you think is the highest-paid employee in Baltimore City?

If you said Mayor Martin O'Malley, you'd be wrong.

Recently City Paper sent a Public Information Act request to the mayor's office, asking for a list of the top 10 highest-paid city employees. The mayor's press secretary, Raquel Guillory, promptly sent us the list, and we were a little surprised to learn that Hizzoner wasn't even in the top 10. The mayor, who earns a salary of $125,000 per year, is only the 17th highest-earning city employee in Baltimore. In fact, according to the documents we received, several individuals on O'Malley's staff make more than the mayor himself. In particular, Clarence Bishop, the mayor's chief of staff, is paid $142,800, $17,800 more than the city's head honcho. And Deputy Mayor Jeanne Hitchcock, makes $132,600, $7,600 more than her boss.

The city's top 10 highest-paid employees are as follows.

Payroll drumroll please . . .

1. Leonard Hamm, police commissioner, $151,500

2. Ralph Tyler, city solicitor, $150,000

3. William Goodwin, chief of the fire department, $148,000

4. Edward Gallagher, director of finance, $146,500

5. Clarence Bishop, mayor's chief of staff, $142,800

6. Patricia Jessamy, city state's attorney, $142,055

7. Alfred Foxx, director of transportation, $136,600

8. Otis Rolley III, director of planning, $134,700

9. George Winfield, director of public works, $133,900

10. (tie) Jeanne Hitchcock, deputy mayor, and Elliot Schlanger, chief IT officer, $132,600

Oops, They Did It Again

The cover of the second issue of Score!, the Babe Ruth Museum newsletter, looks a lot like the first Score! cover, which means it still looks a lot like the cover of Los Angeles CityBeat, an alternative newsweekly. When asked last November about the striking similarity between his design and the earlier one by the L.A. paper, Mission Media co-owner Todd Harvey expressed surprise and regret. But the second issue was already "well along" back then, explains Harvey, whose design firm is producing the newsletter for the sports museum. "When the next issue comes out," Harvey says, "I'm sure we'll address it." (Disclosure: Mission Media has designed marketing materials for City Paper.)