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At a recent conference in Kenya, the government of Sudan, which only recently brought an unstable halt to the country's murderous civil war, attempted to attract foreign investment by dangling the prospect of as many as 12 billion barrels of oil lying under its southern region. (News24.com/South Africa)

The government of Zimbabwe has announced plans to include exams on HIV/AIDS awareness in its elementary and middle school curricula, alongside exams on math, reading, etc. One in five Zimbabweans are believed to be infected with HIV. (News24.com/South Africa)

Uganda has lost 26 percent of its forests over the past 15 years, according to a United Nations report. (Newvision.com/Uganda)

A recent study conducted by the University of Southern California found that ozone pollution led to lowered sperm counts in men. (Los Angeles Times)

State legislators in Minnesota recently introduced a bill to create incentives for Ford Motor Co. to shift its St. Paul manufacturing facility from making pickup trucks to making energy-efficient hybrid cars. (Pioneer Press/St. Paul)

The Chinese government banned the publication of a new Mandarin edition of Rolling Stone magazine after only three weeks. (The Independent/London)

Just days before the recent Italian national election, controversial Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi publicly referred to those who might vote against him as "dickheads." (The Guardian/London)

Albania has outlawed the use of speedboats in its coastal waters in an attempt to cut down on trafficking in drugs and illegal immigrants into Europe. (BBC)

A herdsman in the Gansu province of China recently discovered 121 human skulls in a plastic bag. (Reuters)

Physicians in the United Kingdom reported that a British man who had taken more than 40,000 Ecstasy tablets over the course of a decade had experienced ongoing short-term memory loss and other "major behavioral consequences." (BBC)

The Morgue: Chronicles of Old Baltimore


It Was a Rat.

Last night, a few minutes before 11 o'clock, while a portion of the large audience which had attended Ford's Opera House was walking through the Lexington market, still laughing at the comicalities of Billy Rice, Thatcher, Primrose and West, they were startled by the sharp report of a pistol. Several gentlemen located the spot whence the report had come at a small saloon on the north side of Lexington street, near Eutaw. The little place was soon crowded, two stalwart policemen leading the way. It was soon learned that it was not a man who had been shot at, but a very large rat that had made its way over from the market house to the saloon.

Source: The Baltimore Dailiy News, April 13, 1886.

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