The City That Cuts and Pastes has a charming culture of anagramartisans, who have converted BELIEVE bumper stickers to read BE EVIL, and EAT BERTHA'S MUSSELS to EAT BERTRAND'S RUSSELL. In the interest of restoring integrity to the Baltanagram, we offer some anagrammatically correct variations on the city's new tourism slogan, "Baltimore: Get in on it":



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What a Wonderful World

Doctors in the Democratic Republic of Congo believe that the nation's ongoing civil war has led to a rise in birth defects such as spina bifida and cleft palate. According to an article published recently in The East African Medical Journal, additional stress on mothers and the disruption of prenatal medical care as a result of the conflict are believed to be contributing factors. (The East African/Nairobi)

A report from the Independent Evaluation Group, an offshoot of the World Bank, found that of 13 countries studied that had had their foreign debt reduced by billions of dollars as part of debt-relief efforts, 11 had built their debt back up to levels similar to those before debt relief. (Inter Press Service/Johannesburg)

The prime minister of Pakistan, Shaukat Aziz, presided over a recent cabinet meeting at which various dishes made with chicken were served. The so-called "chicken cabinet" was called to reinforce the fact that, despite recent bird-flu scares, the fowl was safe to eat. (IndiaeNews.com)

A Russian gay- and lesbian-rights festival was scheduled to go forward on June 27, despite the mayor of Moscow officially banning the planned march through the streets of the Russian capital. (BBC)

Despite its ongoing civil war, Sudan was recently invited to join the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Companies (OPEC). (News24.com/South Africa)


Thieving Junky, 90 Years Ago This Week

Source: The Evening Sun, June 1916

Confesses Part in Two Jewel Thefts Frank S. Silverman, 20 Years Of Age, Implicates Two Younger Companions. Broken Down By Morphine. Says Brick And West Newspaper Were Used To Smash Katz And Castelberg Windows Quietly.

Two jewel robberies that have been committed in Baltimore in the last two months were cleared up this morning when Headquarters Detectives Atkinson and Bradley arrested three young men, one of whom admitted his complicity . . . Silverman is a "dope fiend," having used morphine for five years. . . . The detectives also are investigating the story that Silverman's house [at 16 South Exeter street] has been a clearing house for "dope," which is alleged to have been sold there at retail to 15-year-old boys for 75 cents a "shot."

Partisanship, 130 Years Ago This Week

Source: The Bee, June 3, 1876

A Police Outrage. A case occurred yesterday morning at the corner of Chestnut street and Half Moon alley . . . [A] white man named Andrew Hagerty, was standing at that corner between five and six o'clock yesterday morning talking with a white woman, who was looking at some flowers that he had in his hand. Hagerty said, "those are Republican flowers, and I am a Republican from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet." A policeman, who was standing across the street, came over and without saying a word, hit Hagerty a terrible blow on the head with his club, cutting a long gash . . . A person, who was nearby, says that after the blows, the policeman who struck said, "g—d— I could kill off anybody that is a Republican."

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