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Amnesty International recently released before-and-after satellite photos that appear to show the complete obliteration of a Zimbabwean settlement that was home to an estimated 10,000 people. The human-rights organization has in the past accused the Zimbabwean government of evicting residents from "illegal" urban neighborhoods and demolishing their homes. Satellite photos taken in 2002 show Porta Farm, just outside the capital Harare, as a densely packed neighborhood; satellite photos taken this year find the site of the 16-year-old settlement bare but for trees and a few buildings. (

The Guardian



The World Organization of Animal Health is warning that many developing nations may be underreporting outbreaks of bird flu, in part because poultry farmers in most such countries are not compensated for chickens that must be destroyed to stop the disease from spreading. (BBC)


Internet use in Kenya has risen 200 percent in the past year, with an estimated 1.5 million users online. Four percent of the continent's population has net access, compared to 2.6 percent last year. (

The East African


The government in the Chinese province of Xinjiang has detained the two sons and daughter of Rebiya Kadeer, a longtime activist on behalf of China's Uyghur ethnic minority now based in the United States. (Radio Free Asia)

The number of Japanese who kill themselves as part of internet death pacts is on the rise. Authorities recorded 91 such cases in 2005, up from 55 the year before. (

The Guardian


Cholera has killed 424 in southern Sudan so far this year. (News24.com/South Africa)

Fulla, a new Barbie-style doll wearing a head scarf and


, has become a best-seller in toy stores all across the Arab world. Each doll comes with a pink prayer mat; jeans and other Western-style clothes and accessories are sold separately. (

Al-Ahram Weekly



A company called Cytori Therapeutics is working on a treatment that will transform the fat cells of women who have undergone partial mastectomies into stem cells, which then can be used to rebuild their breasts. (Wired.com)

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Pot Ten

Top 10 locations in the city that generated the most 311 pothole-related complaints during 2005 and '06, to date:

10) Frederick Avenue at Woodington Road

9) Walther Avenue, north and south of Hamilton Avenue

8) York Road from Dunstans Road

7) Forest Park from city line to Windsor Mill Road

6) South Hanover Street from Frankurst Avenue to Patapsco Street

5) Eastern Avenue from Patterson Park Drive to Linwood Avenue

4) Harford Road from 25th Street to Walther Avenue

3) West Northern Parkway, west of Wabash Avenue

2) Greenspring Avenue and Dupont Avenue

1) Loch Raven Boulevard and Gorsuch Avenue


The next 10 roads scheduled to be repaved by the city Department of Transportation

10) 1800-2000 blocks of North Forest Avenue

9) 2100 bock of Westfield Avenue

8) 2800 block or East Oliver Street

7) 2700 block of East Oliver Street

6) 100 block of East Chase Street

5) 600 block of Guilford Avenue

4) 5000 block of Wilshire Avenue

3) 600 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

2) 500 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

1) 2800-2900 South Hanover Street

Information gathered via Freedom of Information Act request to the Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

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