What a Wonderful World

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The International Cricket Council has ruled that male cricket players who undergo gender-reassignment surgery are allowed to compete officially in professional women's cricket. (IndiaENews.com)

A Dutch judge has ruled that a political party run by three pedophiles has the right to participate in elections. The Brother Love, Freedom, and Diversity Party, which advocates lowering the age of consent from 16 to 12 and legalizing child pornography, has survived legal challenges and can get candidates on the November ballot, provided it collects 30 signatures from supporters. (BBC)


British Environmental Minister David Miliband has proposed a nationwide system to charge individuals for the amount of carbon they emit in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases. The plan calls for citizens who use more energy than their allotment to buy "carbon points," while those who use less energy could sell their points, both through the use of ATM-style cards. (

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Kenyan researchers have recommended that car washing be banned from the shores of Lake Victoria. Kinchinjio Beach is currently home to around 100 car-washing businesses that clean hundreds of vehicles a day, but a new study found that petroleum runoff and dirt have led to destruction of marine life and decreased oxygen levels in the lake. (

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Years of civil war and disruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo has led to a resurgence of African trypanosomaisis, or sleeping sickness, which kills more than 60,000 in Africa every year. The only treatment for the disease commonly available in the developing world, a drug called Melarsoprol, is so toxic that it kills one in 20 patients who receive it. In certain areas of the DRC, trypanosomaisis is now reportedly responsible for more deaths than AIDS. (IRINNews.org)

Japanese electronics firm Matsushita has announced it will begin selling a 103-inch plasma television later this year. (BBC)

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Cranks, 130 Years Ago This Week

Source: The Baltimore Sun, July 28, 1876

Centennial Insanity--An insane man has addressed a communication of twenty-four pages to the mayor and city council, laying claim to the entire property covered by Druid Hill Park. He addressed the mayor as "worthy sire," and appeals to the "Lord of hosts for justice in this centennial year of American personal, conventional, real estate and national independence." During this week the mayor has been annoyingly supplicated by three crazy men, who present most astonishing claims, and all of whom want to be recipients of millions of dollars.

Notable Native, 160 Years Ago This Week

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Aug. 1, 1846

Indians About--We yesterday saw traversing the streets a live Indian, followed by troops of boys. He was dressed off in uniform, with plenty of ribbons, &c. From a paper in his possession, we learned that his name is Ke bucco, a chief of the Kauzas tribe, and that he is on his way to Washington.

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