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It's Not The Heat, It's The Hole In The Sky

The Liberian capital, Monrovia, recently enjoyed its first regular electricity service and running water after years of civil war and social collapse. In January, new president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf had vowed to restore power and water, interrupted by years of civil war and unrest, by July 26, Liberia's Independence Day, and was able to fulfill her promise. The presidential palace was recently damaged in a blaze, however, in part because the city still has no fire department. (

British animal activists are alarmed at an apparent rise in cases of animal abuse. Cases of neglect (lack of water, insufficient veterinary treatment) rose 80-100 percent from 2004 to '05, and convictions for animal cruelty jumped more than 20 percent over the same period. "In the past where an animal was hit once, it's now hit many times or repeatedly or stabbed," a Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals spokesperson said. (BBC)


Researchers at the University of Washington recently conducted a study in which they asked subjects about their experiences with alcohol before age 16. Some of the subjects were told (falsely) that their answers indicated that they had become sick after drinking a particular beverage--say, rum--at some point during their childhood. Those subjects then tended to claim that they didn't really like that particular beverage, despite the fact that the incident never took place. (

The Morgue


Acid Throwing, 160 Years Ago This Week

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Aug. 6, 1846

Charge of Malicious Destruction--Elizabeth Klein and a little girl named Anne O'Rourke, were arrested yesterday by officers Zell, Ridgely & Cook, charged with throwing vitriol upon a white dress and other clothing, the property of Eliza Mitchell. On examination before Justice Gray, it was stated by the little girl, that Mrs. Klein told her to throw dirt on the clothes, but afterwards altered her mind, and sent her to buy some vitriol, which she brought in a vial. The clothes were immediately afterwards discovered sprinkled with it. The parties were held to bail for a further hearing.

Cool Luxury, 160 Years Ago This Week

Source: The Baltimore Sun, Aug. 4, 1846

Ice--During last week, we learn, that two or three cargoes of Ice from the North, have been received by our "ice men," and there is no danger of being run out the present season. This will be good news to those who are in the habit of using this luxury.