Newshole Isn't "Friends" With Anybody

Among the hip politicians, getting a MySpace profile is de rigueur. Howard "Screamin'" Dean, the Democratic National Committee Chair, has one, as does California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (818 friends) and two rivals--Steve Westly (171 friends) and Phil Angelides (6,238 friends, as of Sept. 11). Kinky Friedman, running for governor of Texas on the slogan "Why the hell not?" holds the apparent MySpace political friend volume record with a claimed 27,053 friends.

The trend has been slow to catch on here in Maryland. Tom Perez, when he was still legally running for attorney general, told a reporter that he not only did not know he had a profile and blog on MySpace but also did not know what MySpace was. The account has since been deleted.

But Anne Arundel County Executive Janet Owens' MySpace profile (posted by her son Brendan, according to The Examiner) claims 1,717 friends. What are they saying to the would-be replacement for Comptroller William Donald Schaefer?

* "Thank you for adding me, Ms. Owens. You will definately have my vote on election day. I'm a registered democrate. --Good luck!"

*"So, myspace is one way to get votes. . . . U have mine. . . . U are great. . . . I love it!!!! Weird is I saw a comerical tonight. . . . and you were in it..and then you wanted to add to friend. . . . That was strange. Have a great one!!!!"

The voters have spoken.