Who doesn't want his or her own country? There was that episode of



, the hippies of Christiania did it (although their

seems to be broken)--hell, even

holds a certain appeal. It seems

of Frederick has gone one better by taking over a place that has a government, people, infrastructure, a world-class motorcycle race, and pretty much all the hard work of kingdom-building already done. Howe gave notice last March through a

and then proclaimed himself

, or "King of Mann," as the title is somewhat confusingly spelled. The office, according to

, has been vacant since 1504. All was well and good, apparently, until Howe began

, which didn't sit well with his new subjects. One

even threatens him with a seven-foot Manxman: "I have heard Manxmen kill men by the hundreds, and if one of them were here he would consume David Howe with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lighting [sic] from his arse." All hail King David. Now watch out for the fireballs and lightning.