Anonymous, a nebulous group of hackers and troublemakers from the deep dark recesses of the internet, posted a YouTube video Monday calling for an online attack on the

. Anonymous' not-so-secret battle plan for


calls for the use of its chief weapons of surprise, fear, and ruthless efficiency-well, make that prank phone calls, overloading Scientology web sites, and posting allegedly secret documents online. The attack was apparently triggered by Scientological attempts to remove a creepy video of Tom Cruise talking about his religion; Gawker has the


Note: The Chanology site looks safe-for-work as of this writing, but generally anything associated with Anonymous and the "chan"

will probably eventually contain racism, homophobia, juvenile humor, and images that no amount of eyeball bleach will ever allow you to unsee, so please be warned. On the other hand, the site did come up with those delightful

everybody loves so much, so there is that.

Anonymous was also featured last year on a hilariously overblown

, while


's Threat Level blog has a more

about the Scientology thing.