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Creative Alliance Announces Seventh Annual Art to Dine For Series

The Creative Alliance at the Patterson recently announced its seventh annual Art to Dine For series, for which the Southeast Baltimore community arts center sponsors casual morning, afternoon, and evening get-togethers, sometimes at the homes of members and friends of the local arts community, where people can convivially chat about just any old thing. In full disclosure, I was an invited guest to one of these events a few years back, so I'm admittedly biased, but it was a delightful way to spend a brief spell with--my condolences to the paying attendees who had to listen to me speak--the people who pay attention to the local arts community.

The full schedule and description of all of this season's 32 events from the e-mail announcement is posted below. If the ticket price sounds a tad high, please keep in mind that these events benefit the Creative Alliance. For more information or to inquire about tickets, visit the Creative Alliance's web site or this ticketing site.

. From the e-mail announcement: