Never been down with the ACORN hatred on the right. Calling community organizers "thugs" for registering poor people to vote is—or should be—out of bounds. But these videos, if they're legit, kick matters up several notches.

They also appear to demonstrate how the city's shadow economy works—through a weird mix of naivete and omerta.

The first 10 minute clip appears to show two ACORN employees advising a young man and a woman—he wearing a ridiculous fur and pretending to be a pimp—how to evade income taxes on her prostitution income, and how to "cover her ass" legally in regards to her profession by claiming to be an exotic dancer.

The young would-be pimp claims he wants to run for Congress.

When this somehow passes the larf test, the couple up the ante by claiming they're smuggling 13 Salvadoran girls into Baltimore to work "turning tricks." The ACORN folks tell them to make sure the girls go to school, but that they can work as long as nobody tells anyone about it.

At first, the ACORN tax expert suggests the prostitute claim three of the 13 girls as dependents for income tax refund purposes (more than three would raise a "red flag" at the IRS, she says). According to the transcript, however, the ACORN accountant changes her mind when reminded that the girls will be illegal aliens without Social Security numbers. So she ends up advising the call girl to say nothing about the 13 underage sex slaves. "Train them to keep their mouths shut," advises the other ACORN employee.

ACORN told our local Fox affiliate that this video is "false and defamatory."