Baltimore City Paper

Oct. 6, 1999

In the

, Rob Goldberg, a



graphic designer at the time, writes about sharing his name with Rob Goldberg, professional wrestler: "This big guy with muscles and no hair has inadvertently had an impact on my life – and yet he has no idea. Maybe I should tell him."


Frank Diller

Joyce Carol Oates two latest books.

Lee Gardner reports back from the High Zero Festival at the

and from

, where Freakwater and Sally Timms (of Mekons fame) performed.

Andy Markowitz still loves Mel Brooks'


Vincent Williams absolutely loves



The Nose gets zealous about the Baltimore Police Department hiring a

, the

Baltimore Sun

's coverage of the

, and the possible


land to Friends School.

reports that GOP City Council President candidate Antonio Campbell is buddy-buddy with socialist gadfly and perennial candidate A. Robert Kaufman.

Michael Anft covers the

in the First and Sixth Councilmanic districts, supermarket owner Robert Santoni and banker Joseph Brown, respectively.

8 Upper's Tom Scocca dwells on the



In Mobtown Beat, Brennen Jensen covers the

over the demolition of rowhouses to make way for another CVS pharmacy and Tom Chalkley remembers social activist


In The Mail,

to Tom Scocca's coverage of Adam Meister.



, Suz Redfearn shames the youngsters in her family – and herself.

Charles Cohen covers

in Charmed Life.

In Cyberpunk, Joab Jackson tackles "

," in which on-line services provide students with pre-written academic papers and instructors with automatic grading programs.

Isaac Ramos reviews


in Zine Pool.

Anna Ditkoff likes Full Circle Theater's production of