On the cover, it's the inaugural offering of "Ooh, Scary!"—

City Paper


's since-institutionalized

. Frightfully depicted are: mayoral candidates Martin O'Malley (D) and David Turafo (R); Orioles owner/super-lawyer/developer/political kingmaker Peter Angelos; U.S. Senator-for-life Barbara Mikulski; Orioles player Albert Belle; WJZ anchorwoman Denise Koch; superhero Kweisi Mfume; and the ubiquitous John Waters.

The Nose gets a "pre-premiere peek" at the since-closed


Ballot Stuffing notes: how

now that the primary election is over; the

to local Dems just prior to the primary; and the Board of Elections scramble to find

for the general election.

In Mobtown Beat, Brennen Jensen covers community-association infighting in


Mr. Wrong observes, "Here's a news flash, knuckleheads:

." Wiley Hall III is inspired by

to Israel to avoid a U.S. prosecution to wish for a future with "virtual citizenship" and "shopping" for justice in Urban Rhythms. And Tom Scocca offers a prescription to help the Ravens

in 8 Upper.


Media Circus' Eileen Murphy reports that the

Baltimore Alternative

's recently hired editor,

, is leaving; notes the price of

; and asks why WJHU's Marc Steiner is

In the back of the book, G.A. Cerny, writes from Prague about the

. Margaret Doyle's poem

appears in Bones. Heather Joslyn tells Melissa Etheridge to

Eileen Murphy reviews Fluid Movement's

. And Adele Marley takes issue with the