The feature hole offers a two-fer: Ian Grey's

("Horror films are all about locating our psychic pressure points.") and


by Natalie Davis ("You could call it a miracle that this summit ever took place.").

St. Frances Academy basketball star


makes news in Michael Anft's Mobtown Beat article.

The whiff of uncertainty hangs over

, the Nose reports.

's Tom Chalkley gives props to architect George Aloysius Frederick, whose designs were built all over B'more.

In Media Circus, Eileen Murphy gives perspective on a conflict over

and explores


's Suz Redfern is "torqued up something fierce" over being a murder-trial juror.

Joe MacLeod, in

, says all religions are right.


, Wiley Hall III gives his take on the impending tenure of Martin O'Malley as Baltimore mayor.


The Orioles' hiring of manager Mike Hargrove is examined by Tom Scocca in


Adele Marley talks up

in Books.

In Art, Mike Giuliano writes about

at Gomez Gallery and Eileen Murphy reviews the Maryland Historical Society's exhibit about


Brennen Jensen takes

, reviewing the latest at AXIS (

The Food Chain

) and The Spotlighters (

Murder on Center Stage


Daniel Piotrowski discusses

in Music, while Lee Gardner reviews the latest from


, and


In Television, Adele Marley talks to the creator of

, a BBC documentary series.

In Film, Ian Grey finds

to be smart, Andy Markowitz gets a bad aftertaste from

, Luisa F. Ribiero likes

, Heather Joslyn is a fan of Buster Keaton's

, and Lee Gardner thinks rental

is, well, fresh.

In Belly Up, Susan Fradkin eats near the waterfront at



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