Baltimore City Paper

Dec. 8, 1999

| Image by Jefferson Jackson Steele

Tom Scocca's

on the Baltimore BayRunners of the International Basketball League showcases the hoops stars of tomorrow.


Natalie Davis reports on a

for those living with HIV/AIDS and remembers gay-rights activist


in Mobtown Beat.

The Nose hones in on a shady

approved by Baltimore's Board of Estimates and

rabblerouser A. Robert Kaufman for getting a settlement in a lawsuit he brought against the city.

Charmed Life's Charles Cohen takes on body-builder


In the columns, Mr. Wrong's Joe MacLeod has ideas about the

, Urban Rhythms' Wiley Hall III contemplates


, and 8 Upper's Tom Scocca gives the finger to

in professional football.

In Books, Frank Diller reviews

about titans of the digital age:

Information Age: Weaving the Web

, by the guy who invented it, Tim Berners-Lee;


The New New Thing

, about Netscape co-founder Jim Clark; and

High Stakes, No Prisoners

, by a guy who started a company that Microsoft bought.

In Art, Mike Giuliano reviews exhibits at



, and in Stage, he's lukewarm about the Spotlighter's production of


Bones is Glenn Simpson's poem,

In Music, Daniel Piotrowski profiles indie-rock maestro

, while Lee Gardner reviews the latest from

, the


, and the


In Film, Tom Scocca is impressed with HBO's

, Ian Grey is bored by

, Jack Purdy yawns through

, Lee Gardner is wowed by Chow Yun-fat in


, and Heather Joslyn finds

to be eye-candy.

In Belly Up, Susan Fradkin goes to Columbia, and finds good food at Jesse Wong's

at Centre Park.