Geoffrey Himes, in his feature "From the Hills," explores

: "Bluegrass might be a recessive gene in Baltimore's DNA, just waiting for the right circumstances to express itself again."


In Mobtown Beat, Tom Scocca covers

, and Eileen Murphy reports on

The Nose

—one of 10 that new mayor Martin O'Malley promised to shut down—with residents who want the job done pronto.

Tom Chalkley outlines artist

's Baltimore ties in Charmed Life.

The columns are: Germ Bag's Suz Redfearn on

; Underwhelmed's Sandy Asirvatham on

; Urban Rhythms' Wiley Hall III on

; Cyberpunk's Joab Jackson on

; and 8 Upper's Tom Scocca on


Imprints is Lee Gardner on Cameron Crowe's

, Heather Joslyn on Michael Schumacher's


; and Adele Marley on Ken Smith's

. Isaac Ramos explains Nolen Strals'

in Zine Pool.

In Stage, Michael Anft savages Vagabond Players' production of Shirley Jackson's

, and Brennen Jensen finds the Spotlighters' take on David Hare's

to be serviceable.

In Film, Jack Purdy is knocked out by

and happily bemused by

, Luisa F. Ribiero is unhappily bemused by

and wowed by

, and Heather Joslyn likes


In Belly Up, Susan Fradkin is flustered by the fondue at the


(Editor's note: Please remember that this review is exactly a decade old, so take any information within with a shaker of salt.)