Baltimore City Paper

Conway and Conaway Jr. Start Annapolis Session With Bills Already Filed

Only two Baltimore City legislators—state Sen. Joan Carter Conway (D-43rd District) and state Del. Frank Conaway Jr. (D-40th District)—filed bills prior to the opening bell of the new state's legislative session, which starts tomorrow. Here's the rundown of their pre-filed legislation.

Senate Bill 2, "Task Force on the Minority Business Enterprise Program and Equity Investment Capital," was filed last July by Conway. The bill would establish a task force to study and recommend how Maryland's minority businesses can build capital.

Senate Bill 10, "Baltimore City—Board of School Commissioners—Selection of Members—Local Referendum," was filed by Conway last July. The bill would put to referendum the question of whether to have elected member of the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners.

Senate Bill 11, "Business Regulation—Returnable Containers—Plastic Secondary Packaging," was filed by Conway last July. The bill would regulate the possession and purchase of plastic returnable containers, such as milk crates and soda trays.

Senate Bill 27, "Health Insurance—Benefits for In Vitro Fertilization—Donor Sperm," was filed by Conway last October. The bill would prohibit health insurers from excluding as benefits certain expenses arising from in vitro fertilization involving donor sperm.

House Bill 3, "Business Regulation—Employees Who Carry Firearms—Protective Body Armor," was filed last July by Conaway Jr. The The bill would require employers to provide protective body armor to employees who are required to carry loaded guns.

House Bill 4, "Election Law—United States Senate—Special Election to Fill Vacancy," was filed last July by Conaway Jr. The bill would require Maryland to hold a special election to fill U.S. Senate vacancies, which currently are filled by gubernatorial appointments.

House Bill 27, "Automobile Insurance—Use of Territory in Rate Making—Limitation," was filed last September by Conaway Jr. The bill would limit to three the number of territories an automobile insurer may use in setting rates based on where the insured vehicle is kept when not in use.

House Bill 42, "Real Estate Appraisers—Knowledge of Value of Real Estate—Prohibited," was filed last October by Conaway Jr. The bill would criminalize the practice of licensed real-estate appraisers conducting appraisals with knowledge of the asking or selling price.