Tom Chalkley's feature considers

, where ambivalence about the city's slave-trade legacy continues. The piece includes insights from a man who calls himself Frederick Douglass IV, who, it later came to light,



In Mobtown Beat, Brennen Jensen showcases AIDS-prevention group

, and Charles Cohen reports that a state-funded program providing lawyers for defendants at bail hearings is

. And the Nose gives a snort to

at Johns Hopkins University.

are visited by Tom Chalkley in Charmed Life.

In Media Circus, Eileen Murphy reports on the impending

, a

, and the


The columns are: Joe MacLeod's Mr. Wrong on

; Wiley Hall III's Urban Rhythms on

; Joab Jackson's Cyberpunk on

; and Tom Scocca's 8 Upper on



Michael Anft, in Books, talks to Studs Terkel about his new book,


In Art, Mike Giuliano reviews the latest shows at the Walters Art Gallery (

) and the Baltimore Museum of Art (


Bones is Robert Schreur's poem,

John Patrick Shanley's

gets too-tender treatment at the Spotlighters Theatre, according to Mike Giuliano in Stage.

In Music, Lee Gardner venerates

and its ninth full-length album,

And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out


In Film: Ian Grey enjoys talking with

(in town for a Charles Theatre retrospective), finds

to be brilliant, is happily mystified by

, is awed by

,and is ultimately disappointed by

; Andy Markowitz finds

dreamy and

important; Heather Joslyn is tortured by

; Jack Purdy is surprised by

and bored by

; Luisa F. Ribeiro is thankful Julia Roberts is

, is enchanted by

, and sees greatness in

; and Joe MacLeod thinks

"is straight from Uranus."

In Belly Up, Susan Fradkin thinks

is beach-bum classy.

(Editor's note: Please remember that this restaurant review is exactly a decade old, so take any information within with a shaker of salt.)