Baltimore City Paper

In This Week's City Paper

In the cover feature,

goes long with the history of



No links there, really, but in Mobtown Beat,


goes fishing with various groups, both environmental and sporting, trying to save the Chesapeake Bay's

population, including but not limited to the

, the


, and the

, many of which have formed the umbrella group

. The biggest threat to menhaden? That would be Houston-based

, which fishes for menhaden in the Virginia portion of the bay. Who governs fishing in the bay? Among others, that would be the


and the


. Elsewhere in MB,

gets temperatures rising with a story about how the

declined to join a suit trying to get the

to enforce power-plant mercury emissions laws. For more on that suit, and further links, click



In Arts & Entertainment,

howls along with local singer/songwriter Jessie Hughes. I can't find a web site for Hughes, but here's her label, Boston-based

. And

just wants to be able to get a bagel at

without being glared at. Is that so much to ask?