's Senate

on Tuesday afternoon, which everyone knew was coming, was quickly overshadowed by the unexpected


, revealed in Thursday morning's

Washington Post

, that another Democratic candidate for Senate,

, favored women he was close to with raises and promotions during his former job as president of the

. The allegations, which Mfume denies, are detailed in a confidential NAACP report obtained by the


. Also, some at the NAACP are saying that Mfume was fired from the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization, despite

that the split was amicable.

Re: Mfume:

The Sun

's follow-up to the


's scoop can be read

. This, of course, will effect Mfume's standing in race to replace retiring


. How so? Not yet known, but Mfume has come out swinging, and says he's still in the race. Read about it in the



The Baltimore daily's state political editor, David Nitkin,

the initial fallout: Basically, it's damaging, but too early to tell how much so, and it certainly helps

's chances if he decides to run. The


papers' Thomas Dennison

, but his analysis is much more critical, pretty much calling the not "well-organized"


Re: Cardin: His story's much more boring, so just some coverage of his announcement from the


, much more in-depth coverage from the

' James D. Besser, and a look at who could win his seat from

's Andrew A. Green.

In other Senate race news, the

Wash Times

may be ignoring the Mfume/NAACP allegations story for now, but it published today a

, by S.A. Miller, about Republican

"struggle" to decide whether to run again for his current seat or for Senate.

Finally, next year we get to pick a Democratic candidate for governor, too, but the only news there in the past few days, via the


, is that


Louisiana Democratic strategist

to run his gubernatorial campaign.

Oh, and that Steele's potential successor on the Ehrlich ticket,

, got a building in Annapolis

. And that Gov. Bob got his property tax cut

by the state Board of Public Works, on which his ally

sits. Hmmm. (

Wash Times