Cellular Division:

It's a long way till next year's


, but Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan, realizing he's far behind in the

, isn't letting that stop him from taking potshots at his main Democratic rival, Mayor Martin O'Malley. In today's


, John Wagner

that Dunan is blaming the mayor for the

, saying hizzoner was silent on the subject till way-late in the legislative session; O'Malley's people pooh-pooh the allegations, of course.

Speaking of

, ombudsman Paul Moore

its use, front-page play, etc., in his Sunday column. He gets it pretty much right, though former

president Jim Naughton's warning about the ever-increasing unreliability of polls, due to folks' reluctance to answer their phones, should have gotten better play. Minor complaint, however.

Back in Black:

Not exactly a political story, but yesterday's

of overstuffed city ($37.5 million), state ($400 million), and county ($90 million) coffers, despite the

, should provide pols some pork to toss around.


On the Road:

Not satisfied with the outcome of

, Gov. Robert Ehrlich is



story), namely

, to promote his agenda. And here's today's




Two More:

Finally, for the

's perspective on the session just passed, check out the

Jewish Times


. And


Perspective columnist C. Fraser Smith on the session's


lobbyist Vincent DeMarco.