Capitol Steps:

This one would fit under both the gubernatorial and Senate race; likely candidate for governor


and Senate candidate

go where few Democrats have gone before--


(in this AP-via-the Hagerstown


story)--to look for votes, funds, etc. And in this

Jewish Times

piece, ever-more-likely Senate candidate Lt. Gov.

does the same in

's Jewish community.

In other

news, Mayor O'Malley's likely Democratic primary opponent, Montgomery County Executive

, took in $500,000 at a

last Wednesday. Speaking of Duncan, this

by Tim Craig from last Thursday raises some good points about how the former Rockville mayor's "cafeteria" Catholicism (and O'Malley's, too) will play in the upcoming race.


Then there's the latest

--look for further updates all week, I'm guessing--but nothing surprising here. In the

, O'Malley beats everyone, Ehrlich beats Duncan. Things are close in the

Dem primary (with Mfume slightly ahead of

and both well ahead of

) , and Steele looks better than expected in the general.

Keiffer Madness:

At tonight's City Council meeting, a set of bills to finance the long-promised

is expected to be introduced. However, don't expect Councilman

--who's been

--to get much say. According to Eric Siegel's Sunday


article, Council President Sheila Dixon

the bills to the "Committee of the Whole" rather than the Taxation and Finance Committee, which Mitchell chairs.

Going in Circles:

If you've been reading The Third Floor, the

, or

, you already know that the state and county's effort to build

student housing near Towson Circle is causing much--shock!!--consternation among the area's

(they don't want parties every weekend, etc.). Laura Barnhardt's Sunday


story catches everyone else up


Over the Limit:

Could be wrong, but I didn't see this one anywhere else. According to S.A. Miller's Saturday

Washington Times

story, the


a dozen-plus companies for making political donations of more than $10,000, the state's cap.

They're Watching You:

Following the lead of


, Anne Arundel County

requiring surveillance cameras in shopping-center parking lots.

Stay Outside:

Finally, some news on the suburban "town center" beat: Columbia's

gets a reprieve, but area around is still to be

with condos, offices, etc. And in Owings Mills, plans to turn the area around the

into a $220 million "town center" are--thanks to revived interest from a



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