According to an April 12 story in


Broadcasting and Cable


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. Leiberman, you might

, was fired after he slammed his employer for airing the anti-John Kerry

"news" special shortly before last November's election.

LAN Party Tonight!

From the April 12

USA Today


, the nation's first franchisor of


computer gaming arcades,

its first location in


Space Cadet:

There's not enough hours in the day to spend time reading

conirmation hearing transcripts, but

administrator nominee

(via SpaceRef.com) has so many local connections, the Third Floor would be remiss if we didn't link it. First Maryland senators


do most of the ass-kissing, um, we mean talking. The reason being, Griffin is a

, educated at our

, and heads up the space department at the

in Howard County.


, Griffin will be the one making decisions on Homewood's endangered


Cheap Labor:

Did you know that many Maryland

make less than minimum wage? Well, thanks to this April 11 story on

Morning Edition

by Eric Niller,


Also on NPR in the past week or so,

All Things Considered

's Susan Stone

the Baltimore Museum of Art's

last Saturday. And on Tuesday,


, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins.