In This Week's City Paper

On the cover, senior writer Van Smith

of Jacqueline Folio, a


officer stung by an Internal Affairs Division "integrity test." For more on the mayor's plan to reduce crime--by going after cops--check out this

(or something like that) from 2001.


In Mobtown Beat, Charles Cohen

families that are trying to change a law that's keeping their loved ones' in prison longer than the families think they should be. The law, which made daytime burglary a violent crime between 1992 and 1994, has been rescinded by the General Assembly and currently sits on

's desk. And Ruth Reader

on the city's new surveillance cameras, coming soon to Greenmount Avenue, Park Heights Avenue, and East Monument Street. Links worth clicking, both pro,

, and anti,



The Nose

whether a $30,000 settlement/"contribution" between

and Ellicott City apartment complex

passes the smell test.

Over in Arts & Entertainment, Violet Carberry


with the organizers of

, an avant-garde art festival, starting April 8, with the theme "What is human?" To check out Bret McCabe's story on Transmodern Age 2003, click


Speaking of McCabe,


's music editor

with the late British author Kyril Bonfiglioli and his most famous creations, three books starring unethical art dealer Charlie Mortdecai (said to be


as the lead) . Check out Fantastic Fiction's

and go from there.

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