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In the Black:

City sees



Sci-Biz Merger:


to name former

Van Reiner (the MSC's interim director since September was president of the Sparrows Point mill)

today. I'm not sure if I have any real thoughts on this trend of hiring businesspeople to run cultural institutions, except that I'm less likely to go to museums/sci centers/etc. when they fill their halls with heavily commercialized exhibits like the MSC's Titanic one. But I'm one of those too-educated-for-my-own good bookish type, so what do I know about getting people to visit museums.

Generally Assembled:

Most legislative stories are snoozers for readers (kinda like fillibusters are for legislators), but in this good story by the


's Sumathi Reddy, Senate President Mike Miller's

to avoid fillibuster on stem cell research funding bill sound downright heroic.




about how such funding might boost research at the



Baltimore State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy

to pass witness intimidation bill. And, back from the hospital, Comptroller Willie Don Schaefer

to pass a slots bill.

Finally, a good


(D-Laurel), from the


papers' Guy Leonard.

Why Not?

Canton residents/city officials

at developer's propsal to build seven-story condos on Canton parkland. Why? Has anyone driving down Boston Street (or Key Higway, for that matter) even


water in the past three years.

But What About the Children?

Seeing an advantage, O'Malley/Duncan

at Gov. Bob Ehrlich, blaming him for

. Fair enough, politically, but weren't there problems at

long before Ehrlich showed up? Is there an urban juvenile justice system anywhere in this country that's not totally fucked up?

Cops and Lawsuits:

Albert Mosley, who says he was seriously injured by police officer while in a holding cell two years ago,

for $40 million.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Commuter:

For those of you who drive daily from, say, Govans to Laurel for work, today's


comes as no surprise. But I wonder about these surveys/reports, as they seem to show different things depending on whose asking; sometimes LA and Houston are the worst, other times it's Balto/DC and NY/NJ/Conn. that are most awful. Just wondering out loud.

Another Study:

According to the

, women enrolling in state colleges

as men.

Coeds Not Welcome:

From the

Towson Times


on the


on Towson Circle.

College Kids Drink?!


The Towerlight

, administrators

about what to do about undergrads' tendency to booze it up at sports events.

Dundalk Renaissance:

From the

Dundalk Eagle

, County Councilman John Olszewski Sr. (D-7th)

three eastern Baltimore County stretches as


Hungry in North Baltimore:


The Messenger

, following the closing of Tuscany-Canterbury's

coupla months back, Mount Washington's


. Also in

The Messenger

, a nice

on vacancies at



From yesterday's


, freakish catfish

in Annapolis'


Rising Rates:

From yesterday's


, as the state budget session comes to a close,

rising health-care costs.

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