Haven't I Read This Story Before, Like 100 Times:

You could of fooled me, but apparently, at least according to this



featurey newsy story by Andrew A. Green, but this year's General Assembly session is

. All sarcasm aside, pretty good story. A much shorter but

--focusing on the legislative hold-ups on Gov. Ehrlich's executive appointments--from the


's Matthew Mosk and John Wagner.

Generally Assembled:

In other Statehouse news, House

abortion-limiting budget amendments (good for them). According to the


, stem-cell research funding bill

; nuh-uh, says

The Sun

(see Political Game link below).


In the


's Political Game column, Green and David Nitkin report that lobbyists are trying to

. Mayor O'Malley gets slammed, rightfully, every time he

, so how about Ehrlich's appointments secretary,

, getting some heat for comparing the Senate's holding up appointments to the

(see Pol. Game link)? Just a thought.

Peace March:

From the Independent Media Center, about 300 people

in West Baltimore on Saturday.

Mall With a Surveillance Camera:

Despite heat from Chamber of Commerce, Baltimore County Council

. I feel safer already.

Foreign Occupation:

According to

study, number of illegal immigrants in Maryland


Double Trouble:

Speaking of doubling, Mayor O'Malley says number of city contracts to minorities and women

in last four years.

Go Bob!

In today's Senate race update,

, a Baltimore activist and perennial candidate,

. There aren't many more Democrats' asses left for Michael Olesker to kiss, are there? I hope not. Today,

. And, in a never-ending series of premature analyses of the race shaping up, here's one from


Hat's Off:

Frederick must be pretty damn boring. From the AP, Frederick County commissioner cuts parks department's budget by $35K 'cause an employee wouldn't take his hat off, now