Never Mind:



it never planned to

on Dorchester County's

. But it's pretty obvious it backed off after citizen complaints and pressure from U.S. senators and such.

Lack of Evidence:

Baltimore County social workers say they found

of danger at Dundalk home of 3-year-old

, who police suspect died of abuse.

Leaving the Free State:


, the nation's largest owner of black-oriented radio stations,

to D.C.

In other business news Linthicum-based


its parent company, Miami-based


Safe for Now:


no job cuts planned at


Story of the Day:

From the


, University of Maryland art classes

nude models.

Orwellian Update:

City Board of Estimates


for Park Heights, Greenmount, and East Monument.

Circle Purchase:

Baltimore County

to buy former gas station on Towson Circle, possibly for university dorms.

Senate Race Update:

I'm afraid we're gonna have these every day until next November. Gov. Bob Ehrlich

he and wife Kendel are not running, but that Lt. Gov. Michael Steele might. And in this


story by Andrew A. Green, finally, a trenchant comment about the race shaping up: "If I were [Steele], I wouldn't announce I wasn't going to run, but I wouldn't run,"

, a conservative professor of political rhetoric at Towson University, told Green. "It's not impossible, but I'd hate to put my job on the line for that." And in the


, Hamil R. Harris and Tracey A. Reeves

that Senate candidate

has many

in Prince George's County, where U.S. Rep.

has already stepped out of his way.

Road Warriors:

Legislative Dems

financing plan.


columnist Marc Fisher

the highway's price, environmental affects, or anything about it really: "For the price of the ICC, you could … build one stretch of highway and still sit in traffic. You needn't be a trout-lover or tree-hugger to realize the ICC is an obscenely expensive racket."

Don't Make Him Angry:


The Capital

, Annapolis comic-book collector/


Sticks and Stones:


The Herald-Mail

, former Hagerstown mayor

mayoral candidate's stutter.

Bright Light:

We learned about them in J-school, but you don't often see true

in major dailies anymore.

The Sun

's got one today, above the fold on Page One and everything. Eileen Ambrose writes about a Baltimore County lawyer who won

thanks to a Sears repairman who didn't show up on time.