Troubled Waters

Now, I suspected that the story of the former

executive director James White's


last month would have legs--and that it would hurt the Ehrlich administration more than even the

--but it's getting quite a bit more byzantine and harmful to the gov than I expected.


The Sun

today plays it pretty straight, with a story about

Secretary Robert Flanagan's

before two House committees, in which he ping-ponged between asking everyone to get beyond this, to "lock arms and begin talking up the port," and heavily criticizing White, accusing him of overspending on season tickets to O's and Ravens games and on gift

. Sounds like it's getting uglier.

Also, I'd been meaning to write about this (I swear), but it looks like

's most important swing voters (blue-collar Baltimore Countians, aka

) may be turning against him because of the mess Flanagan's caused (or at least hasn't stopped) at the port. This would hurt the governor badly in

, because those voters, who hated

, like

. Besides Reagan Democrats' favorite state politicians (former congresswoman

and former everything/current Comptroller


), this

, by David Snyder, notes that some of those voters' representatives in Annapolis (conservative Democratic delegates


) also have started criticizing Ehrlich for the first time in the governor's term. I don't know who to put the blame on, but as Harry Truman said, 'The buck stops here,' " Minnick told the


. "If Ehrlich didn't know what was going on, he should have."

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