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Free Money:

The extension of Key Highway from its endpoint at the


plant to Nicholson Street and

is much needed. And kudos to the Board of Estimates for coming up with a


to finance it. But I don't see anything in there about

, surely the biggest winners here, helping to pay for it. Well, a little bit, to help

move to

. Just saying.


Mr. Mayor, Tear Down This Elevated Highway:

I like it when

: "The Jones Falls Expressway is an icon of that era, an elevated expressway that delivered commuters to and from the city with as little contact as possible with the city. The visionaries think a boulevard could both move traffic and inspire a whole new stretch of residential and retail development." Yes, gentrification, yes, expensive, yes, bourgeois, etc., but it'd be so right, so smart, so, well, pretty even. Also,


Missed It:

The Associated Press

that up to 11 percent of Montgomery County voting machines had some problems in November's elections.

Downward Christian Soldiers:

Feeling their oats from GWB's victory, out-of-step Md. conservatives just aren't giving up this year. And giving them all this attention makes me feel a little queasy, but it is kinda entertaining watching them get knocked down one by one. Now, if I was in Oklahoma or Montana or something, this'd be less fun, admittedly, because they'd be winning. But anyway, AA Co. boy and his father

about foreign-language Pledges during

, completely missing the point of NFLW (Latin is one of the lingos they do the Pledge in, for crying out loud!), county tells them to fuck off. Well, nicer than that, but just the same. Also, just about every non-Neanderthal in Maryland

bill that would make English official state language. (Speaking of Neanderthals,

The Washington Times

played this legislative hearing

.) And all this after the anti-gay-marriage amendment went nowhere … I'm so proud, sniff.

Confusing Storty About Gay Marriage Lawsuit:

Several state lawmakers and the AA Co. court clerk, Republicans I'm assuming, want to join a lawsuit, in which same-sex couples are suing the state to get married, in order to protest it; the couples, of course, and the state attorney general's office don't want them to; Court of Appeals to

. I think.

Piece of the Pie:

From last Friday's


, a bunch of folks tell H. Allen Hurst they're

that the House slots bill didn't include language benefiting the state's


Crime and Punishment:


Dundalk Eagle

's Michelle Ruddle and Joseph M. Giordano

on 3-year-old Roy Lechner Jr.'s death-by-neglect.


on Roy's funeral.

Community College Follies:

More, from Patuxent's

Northeast Reporter

, on the

from Irving McPhail's resignation as chancellor of the


History for Sale:

From Glen Burnie's

Maryland Gazette

, circa-1925 Linthicum Apartments

. Price tag: about $1 million.


From the


, thieves



Free the Bridge!

From the Easton


, speaking of DOT departments

, some folks--this time also Republicans, including Sen. E.J. Pipkin of the Upper Shore--also want the

Bob Flanagan's fiefdom.

Young Guns:

Couple of good stories from the Capital News Service: A good

on the Navy's plan to

on Bloodsworth Island; and

study finds that more than half of state's major urban roads

. Well, you probably already knew that.